Aug 16

Are You Open Yet?

A simple question that you would think has a simple answer. It is by far our most asked question, and we have been answering it for about 3 years now. We started planning for our family farm brewery back in 2014. We knew it was going be the biggest project... read more →
Jan 21

What’s In a Logo?

The logo in many instances is your first impression that a potential customer gets of your business. Whether it be simple text for your name, a picture, or a picture and text combination - the logo creates a different idea in each beholder’s mind of what your company has to... read more →
Aug 09

Farm Raised

Looking back at my childhood, all my best memories surround growing up on a farm. There’s just something about that country air, all that land to explore, and the freedom to do it. We were lucky enough to even have a woodlot at the back of our property... read more →
Jun 23

One Last Stubby

  A lot of people ask me - how did you get into beer? Why did you decide to start home brewing and how did that turn into wanting to start our own brewery? In 1955, my Pepe (in Belgium that's grandfather) came over from a little town... read more →
May 13

Get To Know Our Beer

Home farm - Blonde Ale Anyone who has spent long hours in the fields knows how refreshing an ice-cold beer is at the end of the day. With hints of biscuit, this relaxed malt profile contributes to the soft flavours in this crisp, refreshing beer. So, go ahead... read more →
Apr 13

Welcome to Red Barn Brewing Co.

Meme and Pepe (Denny’s Grandparents) came from Belgium in ’55 with a suitcase and the hopes to start a new life. Settling in Norfolk County as many Belgians did at that time, they sharecropped in the bustling tobacco market by renting land around the area. Pepe homebrewed ever... read more →