FLOK Lager (Boston Style Vienna Lager)

FLOK Lager (Boston Style Vienna Lager)

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The second of our # BuildTheBarn beers was designed for the FLOK (Fun Loving Old Kids) an is a Boston Style Vienna Lager that has a nice malty sweet flavour backed with a firm balancing bitterness.

*This beer is gluten reduced. We have used barley (containing gluten). We put an enzyme in this beer which cleaves the bonds of the gluten molecule to break it down into a non-gluten molecule. It is up to the consumer to make their own decision to consume this gluten-reduced beer.

Meet The FLOK: Fun Loving Old Kids. We are a group of friends and family from Blenheim, Ontario, California, Indiana, & Connecticut. We love to Have Fun & drink a good Lager!

Cheers from all of us: Alice, Deny, Pat, Erin & Richard, Lele & Gary, Jana & John, Lexie & John, Melissa & Joel. We hope you enjoy our Red Barn Boston Lager style beer.

Have Fun!

5.0% ABV | 25 IBU