Spruce Tip IPA

Spruce Tip IPA

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The spruce trees native to North America have a history of being foraged by the First Nations peoples for everything from gum and tools to making teas and salves. When the Europeans set foot on these lands, they learned the tips helped them deal with scurvy from the long voyage over. Eventually the tangy, citrus and resin-like flavour of the tips was incorporated into beer, beverages and other food. This beer we bring you is the result of 30 lb of spruce tips, collected from trees surrounding the farm and whirlpooled together with local Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. We hope you enjoy this truly unique IPA foraged from the past and into present.

The Foraged Series is meant to highlight non-traditional found ingredients that people have been gathering and utilizing for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. These ingredients are found locally and used to create unique and complex flavours that are outside the norm in beer making. 

6.9% ABV | 60 IBU