Red Barn Brewing Tap Room- NOW OPEN!

Here’s how to ensure you can reserve a spot:

  • Reservations are as follows:
    • 2-6 person table (Maximum 6 people per table) ($16) reservation includes 2 (TOTAL) drink vouchers when you arrive.
  • Tickets can only be purchased by those 19+.
  • Reservations will be for a maximum of 1.5 hours. Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive and adhere to your time to ensure the next guests get to enjoy the tap room as well. Mention you are a designated driver and receive a complimentary ‘Back Porch Lemonade’.
  • Every party purchases ‘1 Table’ through eventbrite as a deposit for a spot in the tap room. For the current ‘Yellow Covid’ status all tables are 2-6 guests with a MAXIMUM of 6 people per table. Please book your table accordingly to your party size. Multiple table bookings (parties and co-mingling) as well as consecutive time slot reservations ARE NOT permitted. Reservations that do not adhere to these policies will unfortunately have to be refunded and cancelled.

Reservations OPEN every THURSDAY at 9AM for the upcoming weekend.
NO Reservation required for retail sales
For full details and booking visit the link below:



It was 2014 when Denny and Dan starting making their own craft beer. Inspired by their family’s history who lived and worked on the farm and also homebrewed; Red Barn Brewing Co. is a legacy of taking their family’s passions to the next level. Situated on 100 acres of 3rd generation farm land, Red Barn Brewing Co. will offer a wide array of staple and seasonal beers to suit all types of tastes.

Denny and Sandy who currently reside beside the brewery site along with Dan who is the brother of Sandy aim to create an environment for friends, family, and everyone in between right here on the farm.

Family, Farm, and Beer – the three most important things in our life, in which we want to share with you!


Red Barn Team


Although we wear many hats and fulfill many roles; we complement each other, and we are all in this together- as a family.

Denny Vervaet, husband to Sandy Vervaet grew up with his family in Port Dover. He moved to Blenheim in 2011 with Sandy and currently works in the agriculture industry. Denny enjoys a cold IPA and trying out new beer styles on friends and family, knowing there is a taste for everyone.

Sandy Vervaet, sister to Dan and wife of Denny grew up in Blenheim and has been involved in agriculture since the day she was born. Beer was never part of her life until Denny and Dan started making their own brew. Her favourite style is anything sour, and she keeps the guys in check.

Dan English, brother to Sandy was also born on the farm and has worked in many different ag-related companies including a winery, agriculture research, and a local grain elevator. When Dan isn’t creating new recipes you can find him floating down one of Ontario’s many rivers.

Our Beer

Home Farm


ABV 4.8% • IBU 14


Anyone who has spent long hours in the fields knows how refreshing an ice-cold beer is at the end of the day. With hints of biscuit, this relaxed malt profile contributes to the soft flavours in this crisp, refreshing beer. So, go ahead and pour yourself a cold one down at the Home Farm. You’ve earned it.

The Sharecropper

Belgian Wit

ABV 6.5% • IBU 27


A legacy to Pepe, who travelled from Belgium in ’55 with only a suitcase in hand and a dream to work on the farm. A hazy Belgian style wheat beer that has a subtle orange touch and a decent dose of spices. The Belgian yeast’s unique character is present throughout this flavour-forward, smooth tasting wit. This beer takes us back to our roots, which we want to share with you.

Last Pass


ABV 4.5% • IBU 54


The last pass is a time for celebration. Either all the seeds are in the ground or safely stored in the bin. It’s a perfect time to enjoy Last Pass, our session IPA. This straw-coloured session IPA has a simple malt backbone with a nicely balanced hop finish. The piney, citrus flavours from locally grown hops shine throughout this beer. The fieldwork is done for now, time to finish the day off right.

Harwich Moon

Chocolate Porter

ABV 5.6% • IBU 52


This malt-heavy porter is a very complex brew. A carefully selected variety of malts contribute to the rich, roasted, caramel tones in this midnight coloured porter. A decent dose of lactose adds a creamy center and real cacao nibs infuse it with a sweet chocolatey finish. Harwich Moon is the perfect beer for those long winter months when we dream of warmer days.

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