Red Barn Mug Club
Red Barn Mug Club
Red Barn Mug Club
Red Barn Mug Club
Red Barn Mug Club
Red Barn Mug Club

Red Barn Mug Club

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2024's Red Barn MUG CLUB goes on sale
Monday April 1 @ 10AM
***ONLY 1 Mug Club purchase per transaction, so we suggest if you have multiple members in the same household that want to be in the club, each person should log in individually when they go on sale.


Do you want to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE club?

Introducing the Red Barn Mug Club!

Here is what you get:

  • Your very own customized (numbered 1-25) 16oz ceramic mug by Mary Jane Comiskey with Mary Potter Ceramics - a local and talented ceramic artist based out of Chatham! Your mug sits on our shelf with all the other mugs, ready for when visit the barn. At the end of the year, you get to take your mug home with you!
  • Discounts on every pour! You get $1.00 off every beer poured into your mug! 
  • Pint and Pretzel (from Pretzel Central) for your Birthday!
  • Custom wooden coaster (made from wood of the original Red Barn) to use in the tap room when you visit.
  • 15% off Red Barn merch at the Farm Store!
  • Access to many Pre-Sales for Red Barn Concerts and Events
  • Monthly Draws for Red Barn swag/merch/gift cards and More!
  • An end of year Mug Club Party for you and your best friend!

And best of all - everyone you sit with in the barn will be jealous and wishing they were a member of our Mug Club!


-Your mug is as special as you! It cannot be sold/transferred or used by anyone other than you!
-Your mug will stay on our shelf until the end of the Mug Club year (end of March 2025) and cannot leave the barn.
-Certain beers (Higher ABV, barrel aged, or certain seasonal beers) may not be available to pour in your mug. Our team members will let you know!
-Your discount for Mug Club pours can only be made for your purchases.
-Memberships are non-refundable
-We will wash and take great care of your mug in your absence. If in the event in our care we break your mug, we will replace it, but in the event you break your mug while it is in your care we will require a nominal fee to replace it.
-Please be respectful and courteous to staff and others around you! Management can revoke your membership for inappropriate behaviour.